Relationship Transformation System

I’ve helped hundreds of families by using my Relationship Transformation System. Through working together and using this empowering system you can get the following results:

  • Knowing how to handle challenging situations, so when your child starts to melt down over what’s for dinner you will have a clear plan on how to help them express their feelings without needing to yell, scream or cry.
  • With confidence you will set clear, concise boundaries and consequences. Consistent rules and boundaries will lead to fewer tantrums and limit testing, as well as a more compliant and happier child.
  • Knowing how to listen with an open heart rather than feeling angry will lead to less arguing and more peaceful moments. So when your child comes home from school and is downright nasty to his little sister or giving you a hard time about doing his homework you can take the time to find out that maybe something else is wrong rather than yelling or punishing him.
  • You will get your parenting power back! Have you and/or your partner ever thought to yourselves: Wait how did this happen, we’re supposed to be the one’s who rule the house? You will become a united front as a couple when dealing with family stressors/decisions. This will result in a happier marriage and happier children.

Your child can get the following results from using this wonderful system:

  • Increased self worth-Priceless!
  • Having a peaceful family dinner, filled with laughter and sharing about what happened during the day. Hence, a stronger family connection.
  • Developing a feelings vocabulary rather than an “I hate you” vocabulary.
  • Increased social connections- such as seeing your child busy on a Friday night rather than playing X-Box by himself.
  • A feeling that she is being seen and understood. This is the thing that most children/teens share they feel most upset about. The fact that their parents don’t understand them. As a parent I know that is the only way to connect with my child. Sometimes it’s difficult but so important!

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