“Lisa Hillman, LCSW is a breath of fresh air in the Central Jersey counseling community. Ms. Hillman’s approach to therapy is energetic and innovative! Her expertise in psychodrama gives new options to treating our youth. Ms. Hillman specializes in the “tween” and teen years…and runs support groups for children and parents. Ms. Hillman is my “go to” referral for parents looking for support services.”

Ginny M. Vega, MA
School Counselor
Manalapan High School

“I recently attended a presentation on positive behavior given by Lisa Hillman. I found it very informative and entertaining at the same time. The seminar was presented in a hands-on, interactive way. We were not only listeners but participants as well. As a teacher, one of my philosophies is to learn by doing. In the seminar we did just that and were able to really understand what we were learning. The group interaction was enjoyable as well enlightening. When I was able to review what I had learned on my down time, I came up with a creative approach to use positive behavior in my classroom. This switch towards positive behavior has led to great success in my classroom. Mrs. Hillman’s approach is of great value to all.”

Regina Lewis
Marlboro Jewish Center-Pre-School