How to Get Your Kids to Have a Successful School Year in Monmouth County

by Lisa on September 7, 2011

Well, it’s that time again. If you’re like me and my family we only have a couple of more weeks left of the summer to get back to school in Manalapan, New Jersey. I know that for my family, having the summer end is bittersweet. My two girls have had fun at camp, the beach, trips, eating lots of ice-cream and ices, etc. So now it’s time to make sure that we are all prepared for a great and successful school year. Here are some tips in order to make sure you are all ready for this change as well.

  • Tip #1-If you haven’t already done so, start pushing your child’s bedtime back gradually so they aren’t in for a shock when you wake them in the morning. Typically, most kids stay up much later during the summer, making it challenging once September rolls around. Try having your children go to sleep 15 minutes earlier every couple of nights until they are back on track.
  • Tip #2-Get your child into school mode. If your child hasn’t done much reading, writing or math over the summer, give them some work to do. You can certainly make it fun and rewarding. Have them choose a book or magazine they would like to read. You can have them share what they have read by making a comic book page and sharing the most important points. Another idea is to interview your child like they are on a television show by asking questions about their reading. You can have your child play some fun math games. There are plenty of websites that have math activities for your child. If you feel you need to entice your kids, create a chart with sticker or check marks. For every 20 minutes of work they can receive a check mark and after four check marks they can receive extra computer time, television time, playing a game with you, going out for a treat, etc.
  • Tip #3-Talk with your child about their hopes and goals for the upcoming school year. Depending on the age of your child, their hopes/goals will be very different. For example, my five year old daughter Emma, who will be entering Kindergarten, is excited to learn how to read. My nine year old daughter Julia is looking forward to participating in chorus as well as learning how to play an instrument. I know that many of the children and adolescents I work with have goals centered on socialization. Others are hopeful about achieving high grades in order to get into a good College.

I hope these tips help you and your child start off the school year on the right foot! If I can be of further assistance please contact me to schedule your complimentary consultation.